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Poly-Fair® F26R

Poly-Fair F26 is a water resistant, low-density polyester-based fairing compound. Poly-Fair F26 has good adhesion to cured fiber-reinforced polyester and vinylester laminates. Poly-Fair sands easily, givesa hard finish after a full cure, yet is not brittle and has good impact strength. Poly-Fair F26 is a suitable base for all marine finishes such as polyester, urethane and epoxy paints. Poly-Fair F26 is often covered, prior to painting, with our sprayable polyester-based primer Poly-Fill to hide surface imperfections and pinholes in order to obtain a high-quality finish. Below the waterline, Poly-Fair and Poly-Fill must be covered with epoxy bottom paints, or we recommend to use Poly-Fair F24VE, the vinylester version of Poly-Fair F26. Poly-Fair F26 fairing compound is used primarily in the boat building and fiberglass fabrication industries for fairing and sanding plugs, molds, one-off custom boats, fairing of lead keels (if not coated with epoxy), fairing of keel-to-hull joints, repair of damaged fiberglass parts and mold re-work or modification.

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