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Crestafire® P1-3001PA

Crestafire® P1-3001PA is a filled, pre-accelerated, fire retardant unsaturated polyester resin. It incorporates a selected grade of Alumina Trihydrate (ATH) which makes it suitable to produce laminates where excellent resin flow, fire retardancy and low levels of smoke & toxic fumes are required. P1-3001PA is halogen free and does not contain heavy metals. 

It cures laminates produced with Crestafire® P1-3001PA and gelcoat Crestafire® GCS 1001PA can achieve a rating of HL2 – R1/R7/R10/R17 according to rail standard EN45545-2:2013. 

Crestafire® P1-3001PA is suitable for use in hand lay, contact moulding and closed mould applications, including RTM and Vacuum infusion processing techniques. Due to its excellent fire, smoke & toxicity properties, the product can be used in the most demanding applications in the railway, building & construction, and other public transport industries 

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