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Crystic® Fire Retardant Resin PD9359

Crystic PD9359 is a non-accelerated, filled, fire-resistant polyester resin. Developed for contact molding applications, Crystic PD9359 is a cost effective resin with the capacity to wet out the reinforcement rapidly.

Crystic PD9359 is supplied in a non-accelerated form to make it suitable for hot climates.

Crystic PD9359 should to be kept in its appropriate, closed containers and kept in the dark. It is advised that the storage temperature be kept below 25°C. The characteristics of the resin will change and the shelf life will be shortened if it is stored above 25°C.

Containers should ideally only be opened just before usage. To prevent the potential intrusion of water, drums are to be maintained horizontally.

Crystic PD9359 is supplied in 25kg and 200kg containers.

Click here to examine the datasheet and the complete Crystic FR1166 PAK fire retardant resin. Alternatively, if you have any questions about this product, you can get in touch with our experts here.

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