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Crystic® Fire Retardant Resin 1355PA

Part of our Crestafire range, Crystic 1355PA is fire-retardant polyester resin with a Class 1 BS476 safety rating. It is a pre-accelerated, filled resin, designed for use in contact moulding applications. Due to the adverse effects pigments may have on the properties of this resin, it is available in a range of pre-mixed colours to help achieve any design requirements within the building and construction industry.

Crystic 1355PA has been formulated as an inexpensive and easy to use resin, requiring only the addition of a catalyst and no additives or accelerators. Before use, it should attain workshop temperature of 18°C – 20°C and be stirred well by hand. It has a gel time of 18 minutes at 25°C and once cured will have a tensile strength and modulus of 50MPa and 6400MPa respectively.

Scott Bader supplies Crystic 1355PA in 25kg and 200kg containers, which should only be opened immediately before use and stored in a dark and cool environment.

For more technical information about the use of Crystic 1355PA and its catalysts download our datasheet below or get in touch with our specialists.

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