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Crystic® Fire Retardant Resin 5046PA

Crystic 5046PA is a pre-accelerated, unsaturated polyester resin, suitable for fire retardant applications. Designed for manufacturing composite parts using hand lay up or injection processes, this orthophthalic resin is ideal for demanding applications in buildings, public transport and railways. It has excellent fire resistance and a Q rating of 0,53, achieving M1/F2 standard as a fully cured laminate with Gelcoat 967 PA FR.

Crystic 5046PA has low viscosity which lowers consumption and enhances suitability for RTM processes. The low styrene content also provides better comfort for users and the stability of Crystic 5046PA provides low filler sedimentation.

As a pre-filled resin, Crystic 5046PA should be stirred prior to use. Pigments and additional fillers can be added to this resin, however their effects should be tested in workshop conditions before adding to the formulation. When cured at 25°C, Crystic 5046PA has a geltime of 16 minutes, varying dependant on catalysts and additives. For optimum results and fire resistance, the cured laminates should be post cured for 24 hours at 20°C.

Our range of Crestafire resins are supplied in 225kg and 250kg drums and should be stored in their original container. To find out more about Crystic 5046PA and our other fire-retardant resins, get in touch today.

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