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Crystic® Fire Retardant Polyester Resin U 1131TPA

As a filled, orthophthalic, non-accelerated and thixotropic unsaturated polyester resin, Crystic U 1131 T is ideal for applications where excellent low smoke and fire resistance is required. When fully cured, these laminates are approved to meet European and Global fire safety standards, including BSS7239 and ASTM E162 E662 Fire and Smoke tests.

This resin has a low styrene content and is free from both halogens and heavy metals. This helps to reduce the toxicity and smell of fumes, making it more comfortable for workers and locals during construction. Crystic U1131 T is designed for spray application or contact moulding, and is suitable for demanding applications including railways, public transport and buildings.

Crystic U1131 T has a high specific gravity, and a resin to glass ratio of 2.6:1 is therefore recommended. At workshop temperature, this fire-retardant resin has a gel time of 13-17 minutes, and should be stirred before use. Fillers and pigments may be used with Crystic U1131 T, however they should be tested with the product before use.

This is a highly cost-effective resin and is supplied by Scott Bader in 250kg drums. Download our datasheet below to find out more about this resin, or discover the benefits of our full Crestafire range in our brochures.


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