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Crestaform® Rapid 3D printing resin

Crestaform Rapid is a general purpose 3D printing resin designed for high resolution models and rapid prototyping. It is fast, strong and precise with a smooth surface finish.

It has been specifically formulated to work with any UV LCD and DLP 3D printer that is open to 3rd party resins.

This 3D printing resin has excellent mechanical performance, with high reactivity and fast printing speeds to help increase efficiency within the production process. Crestaform Rapid can be used for a wide range of applications, producing a strong and rigid print when post-cured in temperature-assisted UV light.

Thanks to our rigorous testing regime and technical support services, we can guarantee best-in-industry quality assurance, having been manufacturing resins for more than 100 years. For optimum performance, Crestaform Rapid should be stored in its original container between 15°C and 30°C, in a dark and dry environment.

Crestaform Rapid 3D Printing Resin is supplied in 1000gr containers. For larger orders, or to find out more about the properties and use of this resin, contact Scott Bader directly.

Available in colours: Black, Blue, Green, Grey and Red.

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