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Adhesives Adhesives

Composites Composites

As pioneers in composites, Scott Bader manufactures a vast range of products to meet your needs.

Functional Polymers Functional Polymers

Delivering innovation in water-based and solvent borne chemistries. Some of our products are not available in all countries. Please check with your local representative.

3D Printing Resins

3D Printing Resins 3D Printing Resins

A range of high-performance 3D printing resins with superior mechanical performance and excellent reactivity. Specifically formulated to work with any UV LCD and DLP 3D printer that is open to 3rd party resins. Our 3D printing resins are available in Tough, Rapid, Durable, Rapid 2.0, Rapid 8K, Dental Modelling HP and Open versions, all with a range of colour options.