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Texicryl 13-217

Texicryl 13-217 is an APEO-free self-crosslinking acrylic copolymer emulsion that delivers a soft binder for pigment printing and non-woven applications, as well as a flocking adhesive by spraying, in full bath, or foaming. The self-crosslinking properties of this copolymer create a soft film that delivers high resistance to washing on primed or printed fabrics.

With a solids content of 40%, a viscosity of <100mPa s at 25°C, particle size of 200nm and a pH of 4.5, Texicryl 13-217 has a non-detectable formaldehyde level according to Oeko-Tex® testing and meets ISO 14184-1 2011 standards. Texicryl 13-217 can also be used in conjunction with various other products in our product range including Texicryl 13-205 (to generate a steeper touch), and 0.5% of Texipol 63-252 (to thicken the formula). A catalyst can also be added to improve crosslinking under 100°C.

Available in drums, IBCs and bulk deliveries by road tanker, Texicryl 13-217 should be stored in its original, unopened, and undamaged containers in a dry place between 5°C and 30°C away extreme conditions such as frost or direct sunlight. For more information about supply and delivery, get in touch with your local representative. To discover more about Texicryl 13-217 itself and its applications, browse the relevant brochures below and get in touch with our team via our online enquiry form.

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