The difference our funding makes The difference our funding makes

Currently each year, a percentage of the Scott Bader Group profit is given to the Scott Bader Commonwealth to be donated to charitable activities and projects around the world.

Donations by the Charity Committee in 2018

International Fund

  • £1,000 – Starfish Greathearts – To help fund the health and nutritional services delivered by their community partners at Zisize in KwaZulu Natal. This will include the seeds and fertilizer to start and maintain a communal food garden, enabling communities to access long term food security and nutrition. Nutrition is crucial in enabling healthy growth and development of immune systems in children. It is also important for people infected with HIV, as sustaining healthy diets and good nutrition forms an important component of their HIV treatment programme.
  • £1,000 – Edinburgh Direct Aid – Towards the cost of vocational training and adult education of Syrian refugees in Arsal. They are currently running electrical skills, mobile phone maintenance, First Aid, sewing, and hairdressing courses.
  • £1,000 – Producers Direct – To be used to support demonstration site improvements and to support our Youth Agent and Lead Farmer in-person networks, responsible for project delivery and training on the ground to build livelihood resilience for smallholder farmers.
  • £1,000 – Signal – the funds for a mixture of additional sign language training and the printing and distribution of more of the pictorial Information Education and Communication materials. These highlight issues including access to HIV/AIDs information and what help is available for instances of gender based violence and assault and the effects of drugs and alcohol.
  • £2,000 – Ty Cariad Africa, Uganda – Keeping Girls in School Sanitary project. In Uganda, not everyone has access to sanitary ware, which means that their lives can be greatly affected.  For some this means not attending school 1 week in 4. Funding agreed to purchase and distribute over 330 AFRIpads packs for girls and young women. Training would be provided to all recipients, and the funding will support 165 recipients for 2 to 3 years of impact.

Scott Bader UK

  • Small donations ranging from £50-£100 to support the fund raising activities of 5 charities, local to Northamptonshire.

Larger grants

  • £5,000 – Northamptonshire Association of Youth Clubs (NAYC) – Well-being For Youth Project –  A 3 year programme for Northamptonshire’s young people, providing a recognised programme to young members through NAYC affiliated groups. Providing early intervention, training and equipping young people to have a positive approach to the challenges they face in today’s society.

Scott Bader Ireland

  • £1,200 – Barnardos, Ireland – towards their Family Support Service being delivered from the centre at Mulhuddart in Dublin.

Scott Bader d.o.o. Croatia

  • £1,000 – The Hummingbirds – towards purchasing essential medical equipment for terminally ill children.
  • £1,000 – Debra Croatia – towards the running costs of the centre, supporting people affected by ‘Epidermolysis bullosa.
  • £1,000 – Medunarodni Institut Priorodnog – towards the running costs of the Health Happy project.
  • £1,000 – PUZ – supporting special needs children.
  • £1,000 – Udruga darivatelja krvi, Croatian blood Association – Funding promotional materials, leaflets, brochures, posters. for the education of blood donating.

Scott Bader Scandinavia, Sweden

  • £450 – Falkenbergs Handikappidrott – ongoing support of their sports programmes for the disabled.
  • £450 – Falkenbergs Fontanhus Vanner – to support the vocational rehabilitation for people with mental illness.