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Scott Bader commits to the Indian composite market

Scott Bader, a global manufacturer with headquarters in the UK, recognise the significant opportunities in India and is committed to bringing industry leading composite and adhesive technology to its Indian customers for wind energy, electric vehicle battery technologies and light weighting in transport such as rail and infrastructure projects.

It anticipates investing more than £20m (200 crores INR) over the next 5 years into India and expect to generate over 150 skilled manufacturing jobs in India with annual revenues of at least £30m (300 crores INR). In addition to its ‘Made in India’ strategy, Scott Bader hopes to use its investments in India to supply into the broader ASEAN region. It will continue to provide technical support services and supply specialist products from its UK and Dubai manufacturing sites which will continue to support employment in these areas.

Scott Bader is focused on developing sustainable products for sustainable markets. It currently supplies some of the world’s largest wind blade manufacturers and electric vehicle OEMs. It has put sustainability at the heart of everything it does. In September 2021, it offset its Scope 1 and 2 emissions for 2020 and committed to offsetting its carbon emissions every year, whilst setting a target of a 60% reduction in its carbon emissions by 2025.