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Scott Bader launch new sandable Crestabond structural adhesives

Following strong market demand, Scott Bader’s R&D team have developed two new innovative sandable structural adhesives; Crestabond M1-60HV/2 and M1-90HV/2.

The new Crestabond products are next generation versions of the previously available M1-60HV and M1-90HV structural adhesives.

Both product formulations have been developed to allow users to sand the adhesive down, vastly improving aesthetics and functionality. They can also be easily painted over after the sanding process.

As well as being sandable, the Crestabond HV/2 products offer long open times to allow for the fixture of larger components and sag resistance for ease of application on vertical surfaces.

The Crestabond HV/2 products are two-component acrylic structural adhesives designed to meet the bonding requirements of most assembly operations. This new generation of structural methacrylate adhesive offers primer-less application, requiring only minimal surface preparation of substrates to minimise the assembly process. They offer a gap-filling capability of up to 50mm, demonstrating high toughness and impact resistance in all assembled parts.

Both Crestabond M1-60HV/2 and M1-90HV/2 will be manufactured at Scott Bader UK, North America and in mainland Europe to offer customers local supply.

To order your free sample, contact Scott Bader here.