Building and Construction

Our Crystic® resins, gelcoats and adhesives have been used for over 50 years in the building industry for:

  • exterior and interior cladding panels on buildings
  • sinks
  • baths
  • shower trays
  • doors
  • decorative casting
  • modular buildings
  • fibreglass roofing systems. 

Our composite resin materials enable the manufacture of superb external cladding material which can be formed into complex shapes, textured and used to simulate natural materials such as wood, slate etc. And their lightweight and excellent strength-to-weight ratios enable designers to meet specific criteria such as impact resistance, insulation properties and fire resistance.

Composite modules and cladding panels are aesthetically pleasing and their strength, durability and weather resistance means they need minimal maintenance compared with conventional building materials.

Architects commonly choose our superior weathering gelcoats and barriercoats for exterior panels. These products ensure that parts have exceptional long-term performance and provide unique benefits to buildings.

Our Crestabond® adhesives are widely used for bonding composites and other materials (metails, plastics) used in construction due to their market leading strength in a wide variety of environmental conditions.


Press Release - Egypt pavilion meets China World Expo fire regulations using Scott Bader's ATH filled Crestapol PDF 62.95 Kb
Press Release - Grade II listed 1960's Olivetti Traing Centre GRP building shows longevity of Crystic gelcoat pe PDF 258.87 Kb
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