Our patented range of Crestabond® Adhesives are ideal for all types of specialist vehicle bodywork construction and the automotive industry as a whole. They:

  • bond a wide assortment of dissimilar metals and plastics
  • offer a choice of working times to suit all your production processes
  • require very little surface preparation
  • cure rapidly allowing fast processing times.

Our resins, gelcoats and adhesives are equally suited to large scale body units, limited production runs, one-off prototypes, and vehicles for high-performance and specialist applications.

These products enable the production of composite parts that are lightweight, impact resistant, have insultation properties and are fire resistant with excellent strength-to-weight ratios.

Scott Bader’s Crestapol® 1260 series of urethane acrylate resins can be used with carbon fibre to make lightweight, strong laminates for a wide range of automotive part applications.

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