Marine Marine

Over 30 years ago we advanced in the marine industry by designing a process to successfully tackle the problem of osmosis (blistering). We did this by chemically matching the performance of products in order to get them to work synergistically.

Decades of successful commercial use prove that the benefits of using Crystic® Matched Performance Systems extend far beyond just eliminating blistering and creating exceptional aesthetics. They also deliver:

  • improved strength and rigidity
  • greater strength-to-weight ratios
  • better fuel economy and performance
  • superior water resistance
  • superior weathering resistance.

We have been the undisputed expert in marine resin, gelcoat, barriercoat and adhesive technology for 60 years. We pioneered the use of fibre reinforced plastic in the marine industry and offer a wide range of products with marine approvals from Lloyds, RINA and DNV.

Our Crestomer® and Crestabond® adhesives are used throughout the global marine industry for deck to hull bonding, core bonding, stringer bonding and general fixings and are the adhesive of choice for many large boatbuilders. Our Crystic® range of products are also preferred for most non-structural bonding applications on boats of all sizes.