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Crestapol® 1211A Urethane Acrylate Resin

As part of our Crestafire range of fire-retardant adhesives, resins and gelcoats, our Crestapol 1211A resin is designed to meet all global fire safety regulations. This is a tough urethane acrylate resin that is filled with Alumina Trihydrate (ATH) and partially accelerated to provide the highest levels of performance and safety.

Crestapol 1211A has a low viscosity and rapid cure rate with the addition of a catalyst and accelerator, producing an excellent surface finish and unmatched fire and smoke protection without the need for a post cure. It should be kept between 5°C and 25°C, reaching workshop temperature of at least 18°C before use.

This highly versatile resin was specifically designed for use in closed mould applications such as vacuum infusion, in demanding industries including railway, building and construction. It is not only fire resistant but also has excellent smoke and toxicity properties as well as good mechanical properties, ensuring the best health and safety measures are in place.

Our Crestapol 1211A resin is supplied in both 25kg and 300kg containers. For more information about the properties and formulation of this resin, download our datasheet below, or take a look at our Crestafire Rail Brochure to find out more about our full range of FST performance products.

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