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Crystic® Fireguard Gelcoat 70PA

Crystic Fireguard 70PA is a spray application, pre-accelerated gelcoat which is fire-retardant for very low smoke and surface spread of flames. Opaque in appearance, it is available in a variety of colours and pigments to ensure your specific requirements are met. Due to its good weathering properties and low flammability, Crystic 70PA can be used on internal and external parts of buildings, transport and general industrial work. When used alongside Crestapol 1212, it achieves TS45545-2:2009 rating, in compliance with government regulations.

Alongside storing at 20°, Crystic 70PA must attain workshop temperature before application. In addition, a catalyst of Butanox M50 (or equivalent) must be added at 2%. On application, its gel time is 12 minutes. To optimise colour quality and thickness, this gelcoat must be stirred thoroughly before application and sprayed at practical pressure and up to a thickness of 0.5-0.625mm. Any thicker than this maximum wet film thickness and air retention may occur. Watch our video below to discover how to correctly spray our Crystic Fireguard 70PA.

Our fire-retardant range equips the building, construction and rail industries with reliable gelcoats and resins. Browse our selection of brochures below or get in touch today. We can also provide further details about specific fire approvals; just speak to one of our sales team to find out more.

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    How to Spray Apply a Crystic Polyester Gelcoat