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Crystic® Laminating Resin 4252.4 TEPA V01

Crystic 4252.4 TEPA V01 is an orthophthalic, pre-accelerated, low styrene emission and thixotropic unsaturated polyester resin. It is an incredibly versatile laminating resin, and its excellent mechanical properties make it ideal for bonding on acrylic sheets for sanitary use.

This resin is suitable for spray applications and contact moulding, with its rapid hardening properties and low exotherm temperature making it ideal for applications where fast mould turnarounds or thick laminates are required. Crystic 4252.4 TEPA V01 is suitable for food contact, however care should be taken to carry out the appropriate curing and cleaning processes before use.

It is recommended that cold-curing is carried out with this resin to achieve satisfactory lamination, using a catalyst to begin the curing process. Depending on the working temperature and amount of catalyst used, Crystic 4252.4 TEPA V01 has a gel time of between 15 and 55 minutes, and your specific requirements should be considered when deciding on your formulation. Pigments and fillers added to this resin may affect the properties of the laminate, and this should be evaluated before use.

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