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Crystic® FR1166 PAK Fire Retardant Resin

Crystic FR1166 PAK is a filled, orthophtalic, pre-accelerated, low styrene content, and thixotropic unsaturated polyester resin with no heavy metals or halogens.

This resin is designed to be used by spray application or by contact moulding. It has excellent low smoke and fire-resistant properties, enabling its usage in demanding applications such as buildings, public transport, and railways.

Crystic FR1166 PAK is supplied in 250 kg top opened drums, 1100 kg IBC. Keep sealed containers horizontal if outdoors to prevent water intrusion.

CRYSTIC FR1166 PAK should be stored under cover in the dark in the container in which it is supplied. The recommended storage temperature range is 10–25 °C, with a maximum of 28 °C. The characteristics of the resin will change, and its shelf life will be shortened if stored above 28°C.

Click here to examine the datasheet and the complete Crystic FR1166 PAK fire retardant resin. Alternatively, if you have any questions about this product, you can get in touch with our experts here.

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