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Celebrating Black History Month 2021 – what does it mean to our colleagues?

October 2021 is Black History Month. To celebrate, we caught up with some members of our Diversity & Inclusion groups from across Scott Bader and asked them; what does Black History Month mean to you?

Tade Mustapha – Group Operations Business Analyst

Black History Month is a time of reflection for me. A time to take pride in and celebrate the uniqueness of our heritage, how far we have come despite the odds and a time to hope for a better more inclusive society.

Anneka Minter – Group Learning and Development Manager

To me, Black History month is an opportunity to educate myself and increase my awareness. It’s about celebrating black history, culture and achievements which may have been previously unacknowledged or overlooked and this can lead to stereotyping and bias.

David Harris – Global Process Owner

“To build a truly egalitarian society, we must be open and honest about the injustices upon which our country was founded.”

Black history month is an opportunity to challenge stereotypes, confront racism and educate the world about black icons whose contributions to society have been traditionally disregarded owing to their skin colour.

Julie Thorburn – Group HR Director

Black history month is an opportunity for us all to understand and educate ourselves about the rich heritage of black culture thus promoting understanding and diversity.  This will enable all of us to be more inclusive.

David Black – Quality and IMS Manager

Black history month is an opportunity to share the stories and innovations of Black people that have not been openly shared or taught in the media or history books in the past.

It is an opportunity for us all to celebrate the achievements and learn from their stories not only because they are black but because they are achievements worth celebrating on their own merits ultimately breaking down the barriers of racism and ignorance.

I hope celebrating Black History Month inspires the younger black generation to realise their potential, emulate and surpass the stories and achievements that are being shared.

Ben Penney – Group Marketing Manager

For me, Black History Month is both a positive and a negative. It’s great to be celebrating black history and it’s something I personally take pride in with my cultural background. However, it’s a shame that it’s only for one month. Black history should be proudly communicated and celebrated throughout the year. Hopefully, as a society, we are on our way to doing that.  

We are proud to support and celebrate Black History Month 2021.

Last year, we celebrated Black History Month by highlighting Walter Tull, a footballing pioneer and local hero who played and lived locally to Scott Bader UK in Northamptonshire.

Diversity & Inclusion at Scott Bader

At Scott Bader, our aim is to create an environment that is welcoming to all people, and ensures we treat each other and customers with respect. We appreciate different and fresh ways of thinking, encouraging innovation where colleagues feel they can express their views freely, and create a working atmosphere in which everyone is able to deliver a high-quality service.

These sentiments are reflected in our Diversity & Inclusion mission statement:

Our mission is to build an inclusive work environment through our diverse communities across the world.   We aim to attract, develop, and inspire talent that unleashes innovation and allows us to perform at our very best and create a culture in which everyone feels they have an equal opportunity to participate and belong.

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