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Crestapol® 1216 Urethane Acrylate Resin

Crestapol 1216 is a tough, low-viscosity resin, designed for use in hand lamination applications. When filled, this resin provides a high level of fire and smoke performance (ASTM E84 Class 1) in line with international FST standards. This, combined with its excellent toughness, makes it ideal for use in demanding industries including building and construction.

This urethane acrylate resin is not pre-accelerated and therefore requires the addition of a catalyst and two accelerators for a curing reaction to begin. When these are added at a workshop temperature of 25°C, Crestapol 1216 has a gel time of just 8 minutes. This rapid cure combined with no post-cure requirement makes this a highly versatile and efficient resin.

Crestapol 1216 is supplied in 25kg, 200kg and 1000kg containers. These should be stored away from direct sunlight and below 20°C, and only opened immediately prior to use.

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