Scott Bader South Africa

Scott Bader South Africa (Scott Bader Pty) has been in existence since the beginning of 1993.  With a presence in South Africa for 30 years prior to this through a licensee, the Crystic® brand has consequently been well known and respected in South Africa for over 50 years.

Scott Bader Pty offers value through unique and improved products and services, with the emphasis being on ethical sustainability for all parties involved directly or indirectly in the relationship.

Scott Bader Pty has branches in Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg. Its manufacturing site is located in Hammarsdale, halfway between Durban and Pietermartizburg, where it manufactures most of the Crystic range for supply into South Africa and Africa.

For more information please contact us;

Scott Bader Pty
1 Lubex Road
South Africa

Telephone:  +27 (0) 31 736 8500