Are you bonding Composites, Metals and Plastics? We have the bonding solution for you. We can offer you Crestabond® Structural Adhesives, patented technology MMA adhesive; Crystic Crestomer® urethane acrylate technology and Crystic® bonding pastes.

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Crestabond® Structural Adhesive
Scott Bader has invested significantly in recent years to successfully develop Crestabond; a range of market leading primer-less structural adhesives. They have been designed for bonding a wide range of dissimilar substrates including metals and plastics as well as composite materials for industrial applications. Crestabond is a patented methylmethacrylate adhesive with excellent adhesive properties being successfully used by many UK and global manufacturing companies operating in the marine, wind energy, building and construction, land transportation and vehicles industries.

CRYSTIC Crestomer®
Established over 25 years ago, Crystic Crestomer is a urethane acrylate adhesive range used in a wide range of demanding applications globally as well as large marine structures. These structural adhesives bond to many substrates, are tough, resilient and flexible.

CRYSTIC® Bonding Pastes
We have a range of orthophthalic and isophthalic bonding pastes to suit all non-structural applications.

Browse our range of Adhesives