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Composites Composites

As pioneers in composites, Scott Bader manufactures a vast range of products to meet your needs.

Crestafire Crestafire

Complete systems that meet European and Global FST standards.

Scott Bader Saertex LEO® System

Optimised solution for infusion of structural composites with FST properties

Crestafire® System

Designed for EN45545 HL2 R1 interior rail parts

Crestaform Crestaform

A range of high performance 3D printing resins with superior mechanical performance and excellent reactivity.

Crestamould Crestamould

High performance matched tooling systems

Crestapol Resins Crestapol Resins

Crestapol® intelligent resin technology is a series of low viscosity urethane acrylate-based resins, designed for infusion, pultrusion and closed mould applications.

Crystic Resins - GRP Crystic Resins - GRP

Our Crystic® range has been continually developed over the last 70 years, creating an unrivalled and ever-growing range of reliable resins.

Crystic Gelcoats - GRP Crystic Gelcoats - GRP

Innovative high performance Crystic® Gelcoats for a reliably durable finish. Use GelTint for our precise colour-matching service.


A leading GRP roofing system for all roofing requirements including roof structure, walkways and balconies.

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