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LEO Fireguard® Gelcoat 78PA

For applications where the highest levels of smoke and fire performance are required, LEO Fireguard 78PA provides the highest quality and durability. Using a spray application, this gelcoat forms a protective layer that reduces smoke and heat damage. It also helps to prevent further combustion and flame propagation by limiting the oxygen supply to the substrate.

This gelcoat is pre-accelerated and halogen-free, based on an unsaturated polyester resin. Before use, Fireguard 78PA should be allowed to reach a workshop temperature of 23°C – 25°C and stirred with a low shear stirrer to avoid aeration. It has a gel time of between 12 and 29 minutes depending on the temperature and requires only the addition of a catalyst to begin curing.

For maximum fire and smoke protection, Fireguard 78PA Gelcoat should be applied at a thickness of no more or less than 900-1000 microns. It is recommended to apply a thin mist coat first, which can be built up to the correct thickness. The first layer of laminate should then be applied within 24 hours.

While this gelcoat has been designed to meet European and Global FST standards, testing within the conditions of your application is recommended before use to ensure your individual industry regulations are met. Contact us today to discuss the requirements of your application, or download our datasheet for more information.

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